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What schools do you cover?

We cover primary schools  and community projects. However, we have the ability to engage and reach any age group, in whatever establishment you choose. Drop us a message and we'll see how we can help.

How many kids do you take in each school session?

An ideal session would include 30 pupils (normally 1 class per session), with the aim of making sure they get the most out of every session. If you are a 2 or more form entry, we have options available and this can be discussed when booking your workshops.

You do PE based lessons. How about Art and Music?

The answer is yes! As well as getting the kids active, engaged and learning about moving their bodies through dance. We strongly believe about mixing in other creative practices, too, such as music, art and lyrics to give the kids an understanding in how all the elements are needed to make the worlds biggest movement we call Hip Hop!

Do the kids need to be in PE kit?

This is totally the schools decision, however, if it's dance, we do ask that legs are covered and plimsolls or trainers be worn. If their boots are muddy, then they may have to attend in good 'ol barefoot.

If our hall is used for lunch, what happens?

This is not a problem, we are used to working around the lunch timetable and this will built in to the day timetable.

DBS, Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment

Public Liability Insurance, full enhanced DBS certificate, and other relevant documents will be sent once a clients booking is confirmed. On top, we can physically provide these enhanced certificates and photo ID on request.

Do you offer workshops for disabled and children with additional needs?

Yes absolutely, everyone is welcome to any of our classes and we will work with you to meet your access needs. If you can, please discuss your access requirements when contacting us and we'll be happy to help.

Do you offer classes outside of school?

We mainly work in schools and teach the occasional classes/holiday clubs. However, we are part of a wider community with lots of our partners and friends that offer regular classes. So if we aren't currently doing any? Get in touch and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Do you do kids parties?

Of course we can, if you'd like a party like no other then please get in touch. We'll come to you, tailor it to your liking and offer you a choice of packages. Recommended time to allow for an awesome party is around 1hr and a half.

Are materials included?

Our pricing includes all equipment for dance, basic DJ and sketch materials. If an 'add-on' is requested such as full DJ or spray paint sessions then there is a small charge for the extra equipment, materials, PPE etc...

Do you do online classes?

As we all know, too much tech-time can be not only dangerous, but also damaging to the childrens mental health. Because of this, we don't offer online classes. Instead, we like to offer physical classes where possible to give them the real deal.

What ability level do they need to be?

Our classes can be tailored for all abilities, from complete beginners to classes that are suitable for all so everyone is welcome! There is always something new to learn that you can apply to your artillery!

If you still have any questions, we'd be happy to answer.