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Sun rises on HelloHipHops new site! 1 Year on. Fresh Look. Same Message.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

I can't believe it's nearly a year already since HelloHipHop first started! Yowzaaa! What a year it has been, we've listened to the feedback and been hard at work revamping the whole site. Take a nice deep breathe and enjoy.

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year! As New Year generally has links to detoxing and having a fresh new start, I thought I'd start with the spiritual side of things :)

HIPHOP- the word with the Capital 'H'. It is an inner feeling that helps us when we need it the most. It has always been there for me and has naturally become my way of meditation. It helps alleviate the chaotic stress of modern day life, and struggles, giving a means of peace within ourselves. I have come to realize this is the TRUE meaning of HIPHOP, the feel good spirit with a soul purpose to UPLIFT people.

HipHop never stops, when you dance, write or play music it offers you a natural high. It makes you feel good. And when you feel good... you're good!

HelloHipHop aims to encourage young children to find their natural outlet to express themselves within the four core HipHop Elements which are- Emcee, Deejay, Breakin' and Writing. By taking up any form that helps them self express, by practicing hard and by never giving up, they will develop the natural tools to tackle obstacles in their later life as an adult. Growing up is boring! So many boxes we have to tick, its great to have an outlet for creativity, a way of making new friends and maaaaaan they'll feel awesome while doing it!

May you be blessed with good health, great support and the just as important, the strength to pursue your dreams. 1Love to the children. 1Love to HipHop.



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