Free booklet for schools!

With Covid restrictions making it hard to enter schools. We want to continue to help kids during this pandemic and counteract the ever rising issues of mental health. With the kind donations from friends and family and the contributions from fellow artists, we are proud to introduce to you the 'Unstoppable' book. This activity book is like our physical workshops but in a book! It is fun, engaging, creative, educational and FREE! And most important of all it carries our ethos that is 'Work Hard. Be Good. Stay Focused.' Contact us to get yours today!


Monthly competitions to keep them  busy

To help occupy the children and keep them proactive during this time we are giving away lots of awesome goodies! Stationary and apparel are up for grabs if they complete some set simple challenges. If your school would like us to help engage your children with anything just drop us a message, we'd love to see how we can help. Check out our latest competition here.

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