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Really powerful episode on how Tablets and Technology can affect the little ones.

'The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds' is an award-winning series that lifts the lid on life in the playground. With Doctors Elizabeth Kilbey and Hannah Critchlow observing the children, it was fascinating to watch. I had to Blog this important episode-

"In the UK it is estimated recently that between around 30 to 40% of children of this age (4 years old) have their own tablet", Says Dr Critchlow.

Amazing episode on Channel 4 that is great and powerful to watch.

I was glad when my better half shouted me down to watch the first episode of 'Secret Life of 4 year olds' on channel 4. This episode was based around technology and how children react to its effects. When asked, "Would you rather play with tablets or do some drawing?", their reply was "Tablets..."

"I have never seen the classroom this quiet and this still. We are normally used to children running around playing with things." - Dr Kilbey.

Part of the episode the children got introduced to a tablet each, and for 20 uninterrupted minutes, they automatically switched off to their natural environment and even their friends! While being totally sucked in on their tablets, the teacher (Kate) walks in with a tray full of treats, chocolate dip, marshmallows, whipped cream and all sorts. Normally children would be unable to resist this sort of temptation, however, while engrossed on the tablets did the children notice the sweets, or even Kate walking in?! Not in the slightest.

"I think this is a classic example of what parents are concerned about when it comes to tech, it becomes all absorbing and NOTHING is drawing these children away." - Dr Kilbey.

Once the tablets were collected back, they immediately snapped out of their trance, began to interact with each other and explore their surroundings once again. It was such a relief and almost refreshing to see the kids back to being, well, kids!

Once the kids were back to 'normal mode' here's what Dr Kilbey had to say, "You can't help but think that they must be gaining more skills, develop more mental advantages from this kind of interactive social, AND physical play."

Children are amazing and this episode fuels my desire to introduce Literature, Music, Art and Dance to the little children more than ever. With technology constantly being re-invented and updated, it is important to also keep the organic side of things fresh and funky as well. I hope that they will choose pen and paper over tablets for bettering their mental and physical development.

"I've always dreamed of throwing a ball in space!!"

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